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July 2016

Picnic at Ellis Park

Salisbury, Ellis Park Shelter July 16th

Picnic 1   Picnic 2

Thunder rumbled in the distance and we did get a bit of rain, but under the shelter everything was dry. Tommy did an outstanding job as our chef, and of course all the food people brought was great.

Faith talked about a bicycle trip on the Creeper Trail in VA and there was quite a bit of interest, so she is looking to book a weekend in September for a group of us to attend. She will book
the Outdoor Inn in Damascus VA. We will share the cost of the booking. We will rent bicycles and helmets then coast down the trail. Contact Faith to see if there are any openings left. (6-7 people have already shown an interest in going).  Note Faith will be out of town until August 3rd. We plan on going up on Thursday coasting down the trail on Friday and maybe again on Saturday?

Marilyn Colvin invited us to her farm next year for our annual picnic. Her husband Jay has set up an 18 hole Frisbee Golf course.

 Our August event will be to join the Carolina Mule Club up at Blowing Rock, either for a day drive or overnight. See calendar below or web site for information. Jeff & I plan on going at least for a day drive. If anyone wants to travel with us let us know. 336-751-0786 or tjhardy2@yadtel.net

Thresher’s Reunion July 2, 2016

Woody      Woody Big Steps
Woody Mike & Mark entering the pulling arena area.  It takes big fast steps to keep up with Mike & Mark.

Woody, Mike & Mark
GO Woody! 3,000 pounds!

Woody, Mike & Mark came in 3rd in the light weight division winning $225.00. Congratulations Woody.

This was Woody’s first time at a professional pull. He told me the following incident was a good learning experience for him. There was a slight mishap when Mark stepped over one of the traces, and they kept turning and tried to walk over the sled, then Mike fell, but everything was handled with a minimum of fuss and all turned out well. Both horses are fine.

The sled weighs 1,000 pounds and each cement block adds another 1,000 pounds. After each person had their, turn another 1,000 lb block was added. Bill Ealy won the heavy weight division pulling 7,000 lbs the full distance of 27’ 6” on 2 trys. Odell Collins was second pulling 7,000 lbs 18’ 2”on his first try and a full pull on the second try. It was so hot the contestants didn’t try for their third pull Odell conceded Bill was the winner.