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June 2014

Annual Picnic at Ellis Park

Saturday July 19th  from 1:00pm til 8:00pm

RSVP to Tricia or Faith (see above for contact info)

We need to know how much hamburger & Cilli to purchase and what everyone is bringing so we won’t have lots of duplicates. I will keep you posted on the events page of the web site.


From the Pony Paddock

The ponies are still out working!


Going From BIG To SMALL.

After driving a single and pair of Percherons for 20 plus years, I am now trying to drive a 13hand pony. You might think this would be easy but not so.

Before driving this pony I would not think twice about hitching up any time or place  as I knew my percherons and would not have to worry about any suprises. . ( I am going to blame it on age) Now I am not so confident.

What I am trying to say is that we become complacent and forget about the other drivers around us. Now I have to worry about who is where  and what they are doing. I went out by myself yesterday for the first time and things went very well.  I hope to drive her as much as I drove the big girls in the future. I still really miss driving my big girls and single driving  is no where near as fun as double but the one very big plus is the size and weight of harness and cart

.So nice to be able to move everything yourself. 

Will keep you posted. Hope to see everybody soon. Faith


Breakfast Drive

For the breakfast drive, we all woke up to a very early and beautiful morning. We want to thank everyone for coming, and bringing the extra food for breakfast. As everyone came in, we set up food. The drivers got their ponies ready for the morning drive. They went on their drive, and did some cone driving. Then the chef’s started cooking. Thanks to Penny, and Jim Godbey, for cooking. Thanks to Tony and Cindy, for their help with the food. Also, thank you Cindy and Pat for registering people in. I think everyone enjoyed his or her breakfast, because there was very little left. Thanks again to everyone that made it a successful and great day. Without you, there would be no event. 

Thanks again,

Tommy and Karen Cope

Horsey ceramic stuff Wins!

Masters TrophySome horsey ceramic bragging rights go to Marilyn Colvin who won a first for her tray with a horse and tree silhouette at the SC State Ceramic Competition June 13-14th, and to me (Tricia) for my “Armored” Seahorse decanter that won the “Masters Trophy.

Marilyn also won another first for her Welcome Witch and a second for a strawberry pitcher. I won a first for a dragonfly vase and 6 seconds for other pieces, I entered. This is why I could not attend the breakfast drive!

Matriloyn's Tray