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September 2015

Welcome New Members:
Morales family, Anthony, Charlie, Evan & Leah
1712 Garrett Rd
Indian Trail, Nc 28079


It's raining. Yahoo. Gives me a rest to do inside stuff.

Several of the members went to Raeford last weekend to learn about TREC. WE had a great time and learnt a lot. WWDC did very well in the afternoons competition. I am sure we will be doing some of the stuff we saw and tried.

I am very happy to see the great turnout and fabulous baskets. I was not sure that it would go over that well! Thanks to everyone who made baskets or bought them. I think we will do it again next year, so start thinking about your entry.

Thanks to Tricia and Jeff for the Poker ride. The trail was great.

I would like to welcome the new younger members and hope they will keep coming to events.
Remember the next event is Halloween at Nancys. See you then!!!!!!


Saturday Sept 12th Paradox Farm
For a very cloudy overcast day with a threat of showers on an off we had at least 30 people sign the attendance sheet WOW! We had 15 poker players with at least 3 who didn’t get to drive or ride. Faith Bradshaw won the Grand Prize $100.00 + a hand painted glass plate with 5 of a kind and Bev Duval had the worst hand, wining a smaller hand painted glass dish.
We had 13 picnic baskets to auction off and they went for some good prices too. Karen and Tommy Cope had the best selling basket it brought in $40.00! Congratulations Karen, (We know how hard Tommy helped with the basket!)
Helena George brought some friends (the Morales family) who want to get involved with driving and they became members today Welcome to WWDC.
Thank You Nancy Faller for the use of your farm and her equipment to set up the Poker course. Another big Thank You, to all my volunteers who helped man the Poker Stops and to our Poker Judge Martine Sherrill. Thank You Woody for being a great auctioneer. We couldn’t do anything like this without support from all of you and Thank You to all who attended and made this a great event.

Watch NEW Slide show, Poker/Picnic & TREC http://www.whipsandwheelsdrivingclub.org/photo%20gallery.html

TREC SUNDAY 9/20/2015

A few brave WWDC members went down to Raeford to participate and observe a new kind of Driving event called TREC. It was a LOT of fun. It was an introduction to the sport and was very informative. WWDC put a good dent in the ribbons/awards at the end of the day! Faith came home with a reserve Champion and I think it was Nancy, who received Champion. There were so many categories for awards, we lost count of who received what.
The day started with a lesson in the obstacle course and a gamblers choice course. After lunch we actually did the TREC, First the obstacles, then out on to the trail where we were given a map and told how many KPH we were supposed to do to get to the first check point…..DHUH???? At the second checkpoint we were given a different KPH to get to the third check point (which was hidden) then at the third another KPH to get to the final checkpoint, before returning to the finish. If you don’t know how fast your equine moves at different gaits you are in trouble….. Considering we didn’t have any idea what we were doing, we didn’t make fools of ourselves and did have a lot of FUN. I was Faith’s navigator, Nancy drove Jack and Antonio drove Cobalt with Susan Emmert as his navigator. Most of what we did, was the same things we do at events BUT not for speed, PRECISION is what is important here. Like keeping the same distance around a cloverleaf pattern. Your equine standing still when told to, maintaining the same gate through obstacles etc. SAFETY and learning to pace your speed are also very important. Since this was a beginners/demo session there were flags marking the trail, it’s a good thing or Faith and I would have been lost a few times! In a real TREC you would be given a map and need a compass to figure out where you are going. (Me who gets lost in a paper bag!!!!)
Those of us who attended are all looking forward to more of these TREC events.