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September 2016

President's Letter

Out Cruising!

Check this out!

Riverview Farm Advance NC 9/21,2016

Faith, Tommy Jeff & I went to visit Patrick Hauser at  Riverview Farm where our November 12th 2016,
10th Anniversary event will be held.  See attached flier, & website for flier/info


9/2/2016 @ Mad Ceramics

Faith, Nancy Tommy, Pat Hauser, Tricia & Jeff were in attendance.  Meeting was called to order at 6:15pm Tommy introduced  Pat Hoozier who owns River Trails Farm, owns Halflingers and drives….and is going to host our November Event!

Account balance as of 9/2/2016  $1864.05

We discussed Picnic basket /Trivia info for Sept 17th Gates will open at 8:30, ride or drive the trivia trail Polly is going to set up and be back for the picnic basket auction by 11:30, so that we can enjoy the baskets for our lunch!

October 29th Halloween @ Paradox, We will do costumes again Nancy will work out details

November 12th at River Trails Farm Tommy will help Pat Hauser plan this event. Tommy, Faith Nancy & I will visit the farm before the event and also help Pat work out an event. We discussed numerous things Pat can do and what we have already done at past events. Faith would like to have an Anniversary/Birthday cake at this event since our first ever get together was on November 12th 2005, before we were officially a club.

Dec 3rd Christmas Party @ Paradox in the “Party House” Dirty Santa as usual, $15.00 gift limit.

January 1st 2017 2nd annual Dessert Drive at Paradox.

January 2017 General Meeting Sunday 22nd . I will call to make the reservations for the back room at the Sagebrush.

February 18th 20178 Faith will host our 2nd annual Chili Cook off and drive at Paradox.

March 18th 2017 I will host an event  at TLC Farm.

At the July Picnic at Ellis Park Marilyn Colvin volunteered to host next year’s picnic at her farm in Mocksville. (Her husband Jay, has built a Frisbee Golf course on their property.)

We discussed Officers & Board Members for next 2 years holding elections at Xmas Party. Nominations will be open until November 1st.  At the Nov 12th event we will post the slate of officers. If there are no nominations or volunteers to be officers or board members to be voted on at the December meeting, we will continue with those already in office.

We talked about the Direction of club/events, how to encourage new members and participation, how to get younger people involved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:22pm

Love Valley Horse Pull

Sept 3rd  by Woody Woodall

Most of the Light weights went out on 6000. But the two big heavyweights pulled on 9000.

Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoyed it. I am proud of my boys they have come a long ways.

Mike came up Lame tonight. Got another pull Saturday hope he gets better. Thanks for the pics.

Ever Changing “Snack Pack ”
5, or 6?

While driving/riding at Paradox Sept 4th, Faith decided we needed a name for our impromptu group get togethers, something like the Dean Martin’s “Rat Pack”. Jeff says we are always eating why not the “Snack Pack” it sort of stuck with us.

Nancy, Antonio, Faith, Jeff & I had a highflying time at Paradox that morning.  When Nancy decided she wanted to GO…. Faith turned Casper over to Antonio to ride, while Faith turned navigator for Nancy. We FLEW around the trails at Paradox, what a blast! I haven’t done that in ages! I think Faith left finger marks on Nancy’s carriage grips.

The following weekend Thursday & Friday a different “Snack Pack “ (Faith, her sister Waverly & daughter Solitaire, Marilyn, Jeff & I) met in Damascus VA for an envigorating ride down the mountain on bikes! We met at the “Outdoor Inn” on Thursday, where we stayed overnight then the next morning rented bikes and coasted down the mountain. Did you know you can coast REALLY FAST! I haven’t been on a bike in almost 30 years. It was a real hoot, definitely a thing to do again. Thank you for inviting us Faith.  

On Saturday Sept 10th the “Snack Pack” consisting of Nancy, Antonio, Faith, Waverly, Solitaire and I met again at Paradox. All but Nancy were riding while Nancy drove Cobalt. Again I had an exhilarating ride following alongside and behind Nancy as we flew across the trails while the others meandered along at a much slower pace. I think Fancy really enjoyed my letting her go wide open after being a pasture ornament for so long. She did test me a few times at the canter with some attempted bucks, you would never guess she is a 22year old!

Trivia Drive/Picnic basket Auction

Sept 17th

Polly had some very tricky questions for her trivia drive, Which Nancy won. We raised $300.00 with 11 picnic baskets!