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June 2016

Head Whip’s Corner

Time is flying by, Half the year is nearly gone. With that said we have a lot of fun things coming up in the months ahead. July is our Picnic at Ellis Park. Please let Tricia know what you are planning to bring and she will keep thru the web site updated. I hope you will join us for food, fun, games and what ever else we can think of.
Please keep Kai in our thoughts as he recovers.
I am hoping to go to Denton and watch Woody and his boys at the horse pull. If anyone would like to go with me please feel free to contact me.
Thanks to Nancy for having the Breakfast drive at her farm. We sure ate well.
Have a Happy and safe July 4th.


A very humid day for our Breakfast drive, but as usual a good turnout for the FOOD! We had 3 drivers; Faith & Jubilee, Tricia, Jeff & Precious and Kai & Cody. Of course we had great cooks and great food.
Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kai who had a mishap out on the trail and ended up going to Baptist Hospital while Cody was rescued from the creek where he ended up. The last we heard was Kai has 6 broken ribs, a broken collarbone and 3 fractured vertebrae. Cody is fine, Tommy hauled him home for Kai.
From Tiffany Ehnes Thank you for the flowers that were sent to Kai's room, and thanks to everyone for helping us with the horse, the carriage, the truck and trailer, the ambulance, etc.


Salisbury, Ellis Park Shelter July 16th Same shelter behind the Ellis Park Rec Center (we usually hold a Frisbee Golf) Directions can be found at the bottom of the events page. http://www.whipsandwheelsdrivingclub.org/event%20flyers.html
RSVP’s so far:
Faith Chicken drumsticks
Tricia & Jeff all the paper products, Tea