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January 18th 2015.

General Meeting 1-3pm
Sagebrush in Mocksville.(BOD Meeting right after)

Don’t forget you can renew your dues anytime after Nov 1st for next year

BOD Meeting

At Mad Ceramics Sunday November 9, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 3:00pm with Polly, Faith, Tommy, Tricia, Jeff, Woody, Bev and Pat in attendance.

We discussed a slate of officers to present at the Dec meeting for next year as follows:

1 President: Faith Bradshaw

2 Vice President: Woody Woodall OR Bev Duval

3 Secretary/Treasurer: Tricia Hardy

4 Immediate Past President: Polly Hixson

Permanent Directors:

5 Tommy Cope

6 Nancy Faller 

At Large directors: (need 3)

7 Woody Woodall OR Bev Duval after vote for VP

8 Jeff Hardy

9 Cindy Dalton

Pat Granzyk wants to resign

We discussed ways to increase membership. We need to target “Baby Boomers” since young people want to ride not drive. We talked about setting up a booth at the Troutman sales next March (Nov is too soon to get ready). We already have a banner and Mad ceramics can loan a table and canopy. We need to put together a brochure of info, a picture board and a video or slide show presentation to draw people into the booth. We could have interested people sign up to win some sort of prize/es. Tommy is going to talk to someone about doing a video at his event on 11/15. We authorized $100.00 to pay the videographer for his time/supplies. Faith would like everyone to bring PRINTED pictures not send her digital ones to make up a Photo collage.

Woody told us Rising Hope would like us to come out and do a demo or we discussed the possibility of holding an event there along with a demo.

Faith will check with Moore County Driving club to see if we can attend any of their events and I will check with Carolina Carriage Club.

We will be holding our 2014 Christmas party at Paradox, NOT Woody’s House this year. The Club will supply a Honey Baked Ham and members to bring side dishes. If everyone lets me know what they are bringing I will post it on our event page of the website so everyone can see what might be needed.

We picked dates for insurance purposes for 2015 as follows:

January 18th 2015. General Meeting 1-3pm at the Sagebrush in Mocksville. The back room is reserved. Board Meeting right after. (No horses)

 February 21st Faith will host location to be announced.

 March 14th TLC Farm, Tricia to host

 March 21-22nd Troutman auction WWDC information booth. We will need volunteers to man the booth. Faith is putting a photo collage together we have a banner and Mad Ceramics can supply the tent & table(s). I will make up an info brochure

 April 18th Paradox. Polly to host.

 May 1-9 ???? CCC HDT at Windrige? *

 May 9th Woody to host. Location to be determined. Rising Hope, his farm or Paradox?

 June 20th Breakfast drive/ride at Paradox.

 July 18th Picnic at Ellis Park Shelter 3:30-?. (No horses)

 August 15th “Beat the Heat” To be announced

 September 19th Trail drive. Location to be announced.

 Sept 25-27???? CCC Pleasure Show *

 October 24th Halloween at Paradox. Date could change with Nancy’s show schedule.

 November 14th Fall Drive at TLC Farm. Tommy & Karen to host

 December 6th Christmas Party.

 Tommy made a motion we hold 4 scheduled BOD meetings a year with time and place set up in advance. We discussed this and decided we will hold a BOD Meeting right after the January General meeting to finalize BOD dates for 2015.

 We adjourned at 4:34pm

* Note from Price Story about CCC Events:
Hi Tricia.  Your members are certainly welcome to come join in any of our activities that are open and the closed events if they are members.  Are ya’ll 100 miles away?  that would give you a $15 membership.  the only problem with you coming anytime to anything is insurance.  We have unlimited member only events but have to pay extra for the open to the public events. 

Fall Drive at TLC Farm

November 15, 2014

You can tell who the die-hard drivers are when they show up at an event where the overnight/morning temperatures are 25 degrees! We had 6 drivers and one rider along with a new horse in training. Congratulations Kai on the purchase of “Reuben”, a 3 year old Morgan Buckskin gelding. Kai worked Reuben in the round pen while the rest of us did the cones course laid out in the arena around the round pen. This was practice for us no times, but as usual Tommy laid out a pretty tight course, with lots of twists and turns to sharpen our driving skills. As we completed the cones we went out on the trail where Tommy had some pretty interesting hazards set up for us. Precious has been over the bridge, but there was a slight hesitation before going over it this time with the flags mounted on the railing. We all got to play in Tommy’s water hazard too, it wasn’t frozen over, although he did say there was a skim of ice on it before we got there in the morning.

After everyone was unhitched, we convened in the “Carriage House” restaurant for some of Karen’s wonderful vegetable soup and pimento cheese sandwiches. We also had doughnuts, Gingerbread cake and another cake for dessert. Tommy held a raffle for items that had been donated by his feed company, he then drew the 50/50. Antonio wasn’t here to win it but he passed his luck on to Nancy. The pot was $38.00 so Nancy went home with $19.00

It’s time for Nominations of Officers for next year. A slate of Officers will be presented at the Christmas party but we will also take nominations from the floor or send your name to me to be added to the list. tjhardy2@yadtel.net  336-751-0786