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April 2015

Carriage SignApril 18th  Muffy Seaton Clinic at Paradox & wet T-Shirt contest!

I can only speak of things that happened after Jeff & I arrived at lunchtime, but from what people told me, they were very happy with the lessons they received from Muffy Seaton. Precious was all warmed up waiting for her turn after Susan Emmert’s lesson. As we were watching it started to mist, them drizzle, then rain then thunder! By the time we all decided it was not safe to be up in the dressagWet T-shirte arena Precious & I were soaked right down to the skin, my sneakers were full of water! It was a bit precarious driving down the slick muddy road to get back to the barn and trailers. Polly said I won the wet T-Shirt contest! By the time we unhitched and loaded the carriage, the rain let up and the sun came back out, which turned out to be great for a possible new younger member Helena George who wants to learn how to drive! She brought her new Amish trained Friesian/Percheron “Pepper” to the clinic and Muffy worked with her while all the rest of us watched. Of course we all chipped in to help Helena, even if we only “supervised!”  Pepper is very laid back and willing. He could be Precious’ brother, they look so much alike!

Helena, Muffy & Pepper Muffy SetonGroup effort

May 9th Event Info

Woody Woodall is putting together a Clinic for Rising Hope Farm (see attached flier, You Can Drive Clinic.docx) May 9th. He would like for our members to be there to audit the clinic, be available to talk to prospective new members and afterwards we would be free to drive on the property and do cones in the arena, possibly give rides?. There will be no fee to members but any donations to Rising Hope would be welcome. They are looking to gravel the road into the arena. We would all need to sign Rising Hope Waivers which can be found at: 


The clinician will be Dick Higby. He taught driving at a college up north for years. He's the same man at I had Judge last year.

This is a really good cause and I hope it will create more interest in driving in the area.


Rising Hope Farms, 

3775 Bethany Church Rd.,

Claremont, NC 28610

Google Map at: http://risinghopefarms.com/?page_id=113