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Rainbow Horse

Pat Granzyk’s Blaze 9/12/2014
Faith Bradshaw’s Crescent 9/19/2014

From the Pony Pile:

I hope everybody who wanted to show has gotten the chance to do so.  I have found as I get older and gimpy-er that the thought of showing has gotten kind of dim!  I much much more enjoy the local events that our club puts on.  Especially I enjoy NOT having to prep the pony, prep the harness, prep the cart, prep me, and then load, drive to venue, unload, re-clean everything, and sleep in a lumpy bed!  I would prefer a Whips and Wheels pot luck lunch any day!

Oh, I found a picture from the driving hazard at the WEG in France:

I think we could adapt this for our events.  We could put my dirty used Prius in one spot, taking volunteers for the other.  Then hope nobody runs under/through the fences!  To make it more interesting, we could have the radio turned up full with a CD of wolves or panthers howling to add some spice.  

Oh, and I hope you all had some chance to watch or follow the WEG (Chester Weber silver medal--WON dressage with 32.21!  US finished 4th) and the World Singles Championship (US finished 9th after our top whip experienced a broken BIT on the second obstacle and had to withdraw.  I bet that took some horsemanship to get that team safely stopped!)  Another interesting bit, the marathon was WON by the US whip Jacob Arnold from Snow Camp, NC.  He is just a few years out of the junior ranks!

Sorry, I digress!  Hopefully this time I will remember to attach the item I planned for last month.  Also have some pictures from this month's meeting. See you next month!

Red & Green Event

A few diehard drivers showed up in the questionable weather for our Red & Green event at TLC Farm in Advance on Sept 13th. All the drivers except for Nancy & Antonio, didn’t have to haul their horses to the event, they were already at the barn!

Faith did something a little different for our cones course. We had to long-line our critters through 12 sets of cones, that were timed. Number 12 was a real doozy! Faith drove Pat Granzyk’s mini and said the next time she will make sure she checks out the layout first before letting the rest of us do the course. Antonio long lining a tandem came in 4th, me with Polly’s pony was third, Polly was second and Tommy with multiple faults was still fastest to win first place.

Trish & Charm

Trish was convinced to try her hand on the course with Charm, who was re-defining lazy that morning.  However, look at the bend!  This is one of the skills that long lining builds.  

Faith & Beau

Next was Faith sporting her Aussie outback hat, driving Pat's pony "Beau".  This was the first time she had driven him and is here approaching the finish line.  I heard her mention being a little out of breath but believe me, she was not NEAR as winded as I was while on course!  


Tommy & Star

Not to leave out Tommy, here he is driving Star.  He had the best time of the morning and seemed to be the least winded (except Antonio, I suspect).   

Antonio, Peanut & Jack

Many of us had never ground driven or it had been a loooong time.  Antonio was first to go in the morning.  Not only did he drive a tandem, for the first time if I recall, but at a jog no less!  Wonderful job!


Faith & new Members

There was plenty of time to visit while Tommy cooked up the burgers.  Again it is amazing what delicious food this group can put together!  Nancy's husband served up an incredible chicken casserole that earned raves...he may well be "volunteered" for future pot lucks!  


Next up we had a 2 mile scavenger hunt, looking for 6 items. I had 2 “odd” items out there but only one was found, so Polly won the scavenger hunt, but also lost, since she and Tommy were the only ones who didn’t find all 6 items. We got to drive over 2 new trails, a new bridge a tree hazard and the new water hazard. Tommy had to get out and take pictures of Polly and Charm playing in the water! Maybe that’s why they missed their last item?)
Polly & Star

The second phase of Red and Green was supposed to be devoted completely to a scavenger hunt.  The trails were beautifully marked and finding several of the objects tricky!  A 'gator was mandatory.  At least one of us got so distracted with the newly filled pond that she forgot to finish the rest of the drive!  This picture I admit looks pretty cool.  What is NOT pictured is Star flat out refusing to get his feet wet; then Star taking two steps into the pond, changing his mind and exiting stage left (180 degrees in the other direction--the carriage and me facing in to the pond and Star facing the barn); then Tommy assisting by keeping him pointed forward earning a reward of soaking wet feet; and lots of words of encouragement from Tommy!!  That being accomplished, the result was the most FUN I have had driving in the last who-knows-how-long!!!  Photo credit Faith Bradshaw

Tommy was our hamburger chef and we had plenty of “Pot Luck” items for lunch. After lunch Linda Ward talked about “dressing for Turnout Class” There was a lot of good information, including some that those of us who have been showing for a while didn’t know! Goes to show there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

Thank you Linda, for your talk and many thanks to Tommy & Karen for allowing us the use of their farm. I’m glad the rain didn’t mess up your parking area since we only had one trailer park there.

August 2014

 Wooops I forgot to post the Aug News so here it is:

Saturday Sept 13

Red & Green Event

at TLC Farm, with Pot Luck Lunch!


From the Pony Pile:

With many thanks to Dr. Moore our brains were loaded with valuable info at the WWDC August meeting.  Turnout was fairly small but the discussion was lively and varied.  Dr. Moore was able to stay seated at the table with us and not have to do a stand up talk.  I think everyone was more relaxed and I will try and summarize some of the discussion in an article further down in the newsletter.  I hope we did not frustrate you too much Jay with our horse and canine oriented questions!  In spite of same, you did a "bully" of a job!  

Our next event in September is going to be something new and different.  I hope all you can attend.  Remember the meetings are open to non members, friends, member wanna-bees, and the curious!

Speaking of light turnout, I made the journey to Kingsport TN Friday (the 29th) to attend the annual meeting of the Carriage Association of America.  I was looking forward to checking out the vendors and getting my hands on some new harness and other toys.  The last meeting I attended was several many years ago in Aiken SC.  There were lots of vendors, lots of people, activity everywhere, clinics, demos, etc etc.   So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived in this fairly large convention center hallway to find maybe 30 attendees and NO vendors.  There were perhaps 12 carriages or so, all gorgeous, half previous trophy winners and half in contention for this years trophies.  It was really sad 'cause the trouble to bring these carriages for however many miles not to mention to polish them all to a shine was truly a labor of love.  The CAA staff in attendance told me that they suspected timing was an issue, perhaps because of the Labor Day weekend, but they were happy with the location...So I bought some books, signed up for some silent auction items, hoping that someone else would come and bid a dollar more, and came back home.  Six hour drive for not much......

So I wonder, what is it that is happening in the horse world that is keeping attendance down?  Do you think it is still the effect of the recession?  Mounting costs of keeping/hauling/showing?  People getting out of the horse "business"  or "hobby"?  Aging or "infirming" of the population?  And as a sequel, is there anything that can or should be done to entice people back?  Comments?  Suggestions?

Ask The Vet

We had 13 people at our Ask the vet clinic at the Sagebrush in Mocksville on Saturday August 16th.

After our meals, Jay Moore gave an informal talk, answering questions that had been presented to him before hand. Jay started with a short talk on SAFETY. (Hope I got this right Jay) That morning they had been in the Woodleaf Tomato parade and everything went as planned. While they were un-tacking their very well behaved mare decided to bite the younger mare, who in turn kicked, the only problem was their 3 year old daughter was in the line of fire, doing everything right safety wise! This was the result….

inside HelmetHelmet crunch

It’s hard to tell from this pic but the liner was was also crushed. Their daughter walked away from this with NO INJURIES! I would say Troxel makes a pretty good helmet!

Jay covered COPD, EPM, the increased fat content in feed, HYPP and cribbing in VERY young horses. The talk was very informative. Thank you so much Jay for coming out to talk to us.