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July 2014


Ask the Vet Clinic
August 16th Sagebrush Mocksville 12-3 
Details in the schedule or online.


From the Pony Paddock

Once again several months have slipped away without me being  totally aware of just where they went.  I apologize for my silence this summer and plead overwork, drought, weeds, and other such drivel. 

Nonetheless, the fall show season is upon us.  This is the time to start to get your horses/ponies fit for the fall season.  CCC is having their pleasure show at the end of September.  They have classes for just about everyone so anyone who is thinking of showing, consider either participating or going to watch or even go as a groom/friend. 

Gorgeous day for a picnic.

July 19th dawned inauspiciously as it was drizzling and misty throughout most of the area.  As I was not going to play frolf, (frisbee golf) I wandered over about 2:15 to find that the stomach clocks of the picnic-ers had gone off and lunch was on!  Good timing!  Once again the club members came through with excellent food and the desserts were of course amazing. Kudos to our grillers too.   After filling up to overflowing with food, the games started.  I was in charge of the camera and got many pictures of frustrated faces.....many of which I deleted lest I have to answer for unflattering photography (grin).   We even got Tommy Cope to try his hand with the frisbee, after telling him he was holding it upside down.  The pictures that made the cut are on facebook:  if you are not connected let me know I will send some to you.  Cutest scenario was Nancy with her puppy stroller for her arthritic Toby and a new rescue that looks like his clone.  I do not believe that point scores were recorded.  In the shelter visiting continued and a meeting was conducted by Faith.  Then leftovers were divied up after some surreptitious snacking by myself (and perhaps others).  Drawings were held for door prizes again provided by Trish and we adjourned.  To those who brought goodies, did the grilling, found the frisbees, made the door prizes and cleaned up--it is the contribution of so many members that makes this kind of gathering possible.  Thank you all. Polly

Polly did send an article on conditioning but part of it did not come through in the e-mail (maybe next time?)

July 19th Picnic at Ellis Park

Considering the day started a bit dreary we ended up having a good time and for the most part it only sprinkled, with some sun peaking through at times. One of the park employees volunteered their gas grill so that Tommy & Jim didn’t have to stand in the drizzle to cook on the charcoal grills outside of the shelter. We had 15 people join us for the picnic with lots of great food (as usual!)

We didn’t get to do the tournament , but at least 8-9 of us did play frisbee golf after lunch and at least that many played a few games of horseshoes too. I am told Nancy has way to much practice with the frisbee, from playing with her dogs! Instead of giving out prizes for the tournament we gave them as door prizes.

Faith discussed upcoming events. Our Ask the Vet clinic at the Sagebrush in Mocksville Aug 16th. We came up with a few suggestions for Jay to talk about. We decided to use the remaining hamburgers at our Sept Event and make it a Pot Luck, with everyone bringing something. We might have a speaker for this event, after lunch, Faith is working on that. Woody and Charlotte offered their home for our Christmas party.

Easy Conditioning Article passed on by Polly  PDF newsletters/Easy conditioning schedule.pdf