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September 2015


Where does the time go. November already.
Thanks to everybody who set up and helped with our last event. A big thank you to Nancy and her crew for the hard work it tool to put on the Halloween event. The cross country was great fun.
Hope to see everybody at Tommy's November 14th.
I am very sorry to infor you all that Tommy has asked to be retired from the board. He still will be a member and come and participate at our events.(Don't tell him but he has always been and shall be a life time boards member)
Try to stay dry.


October 24th, 2015

Graveyard2 Ghouls awaited our arrival at the gate and more welcomed us to their day off. The reception area had “restful” music for us to enjoy. Pat Granzyk was treated to a surprise when she went to use the Port a Potty.
Nancy had a scavenger hunt with a little twist to it… We had to use a compass to find our “goodies” when we found the appropriate stops in our directions. Of course, Nancy had the trail fully decorated. It’s so much fun driving Nancy’s Halloween trails!

Tommy told Nancy she REALLY needed to feed the dogs. We had a cones course and a test area with a list of times to see what speed our equines travel. We had a wonderful Brunswick Stew prepared by Cynthia & Tony Dalton for lunch, You would think cooking would have kept Cynthia warm.
After lunch, we had a puzzle to solve relating to our quest for goodies that morning and our 4 legged friends tried to bob for apples.
Nancy thank you for a fun day.


@ MAD Ceramics 10/2/2015
Faith, Bev, Nancy, Tommy, Tricia, Jeff, Cynthia & Polly attended. Faith called the meeting to order 6:28pm.
The Poker Drive/Ride and Picnic Basket Auction had a great turnout and we should do it again next year in September.
Polly said she had a possible speaker for next year. Ellen Beard(?) from the Cash Lovell Stables.
Nancy says preparations for our Halloween Drive are under control. We did have to work out details for the Brunswick stew. The cost was going to be a bit stiff $350 for a 10 gallon pot of stew. We decided to make half the amount and would charge $5.00 per bowl. If there is any left we can sell it by the quart (price to be determined) Everyone needs to bring their own drinks and a dessert to share. I will need to send out a corrected flier.
Tommy will be out of town this week and will get me details for our November 14th event at TLC when he gets back.
Nancy has consented for us to use the log cabin for our Christmas Party Sunday 12/6/2015 again this year. It will be pot luck with the club supplying a honey baked ham. Of course we will do Dirty Santa. If you want to play, bring a gift $15.00 limit.
January’s General Meeting has been confirmed for January 24th 2016, 1:30-3:30 at the Sagebrush in Mocksville (336-936-0021) Faith wants to talk about awards for 2016, like a youth award, volunteer, and equine of the year awards to go along with our Member of the Year award. Equine who attends the most events and compleats ALL of the event (as an example)
Faith will host our Valentine/Chili Cook off February 20th at Paradox. RAIN or SHINE the chili cook off will take place in the log cabin if it rains!
I will host March 19th event at TLC, unless someone wants to swap with me.
Cynthia Dalton is going to see if a May date will work for her to host an event at her farm in King.
Bev is putting on another HERO show May 21st and will add driving classes again this year. (Not a club event)
Polly will work on a speaker for an event, April or June?
Faith & Tommy are going to see if we can set up an club info booth at Troutman Auction this year
Faith and Nancy talked about the TREC we attended and how we might be able to incorporate some ideas into our events even if we don’t do a TREC. Nancy would like to have her farm become an official western side of the state TREC location, but those details are to be worked out and not neccesarily part of our club. This International group is creating the “ground floor” of Driven TREC.
Nancy is looking for volunteers to help with the Humane Society’s “Paws in the Park” at Tanglewood Festival of Lights, from 4:30-9:30. Come early to eat and the walk will start at 6:00pm. They had over 600 dog walkers last year and it was only the first year they did this!
Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm