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June 2015

Hey Tricia
Dick didn't have his horse there. That was the farms Clydesdale. Dick hopes to bring Cindy to the breakfast drive. She is awesome.


Bev Duval, Penny Godbey and Jeff & I were up at Leatherwood for Mule Days April 30-May3rd. We talked to Debbie Metcalf of Stolen Horse International and she is willing to be our speaker at our “Beat Out of the Heat Event” in August, but we had to change the date since she will be in Chicago on August 15th. It will be either the 22nd of August. We will also do a pot Luck.


The breakfast drive was a great success. We had 34 people attend. (Its official we are a food motivated club.) With that said, I have high hopes for the Picnic Basket drive. Thanks to all that helped, cooked and cleaned up.
I can't wait for the cool front that's coming Sunday. I hope you can all take the time to ride or drive and enjoy the cooler weather.
Hope to see you at the July picnic at Ellis Park. Bring your appetites as there is always great food.

Welcome New Members:

Helena & Maria George
1005 Sara-Dan Lane
Pinnacle, NC 27043
hgeorge@providenceindustrial.com Helena
mgeorge@providenceindustrial.com Maria

Shelly Hethcoat
Emerald acres Farm
1969 Stimpson Road
East Bend, NC 27018
shelly.hethcoat@gmail.com (work)

Welcome back Claudia Gallup

Welcome “Roxie”, Faith’s new White Wedding horse


June 20th 2015 Paradox Farm
We counted several times and just decided to say we had between 30 and 34 people. We started the morning off with people driving or riding a short course that Nancy laid out for us, some of us drove/rode it multiple times. When everyone got unhitched/unsaddled we dug into some great food cooked up by some great chefs!
We held a brief General Meeting from 9:27am- 9:55am. Everyone introduced them-selves (we have 3 new members see above). Faith thanked everyone for all the food and our cooks for cooking.
We talked about adding an afternoon ride in Sept or October with FOOD afterwards….Steak, BBQ possibly having it catered?
The picnic is July 18th at Ellis Park from 4-8:00pm. Please RSVP to Tricia with what food you are brining and it will be posted on the website event page. (we prefer not to have to many duplicates!)
Our Beat the Heat seminar scheduled for August 22nd 10am-12:30 will feature Debbie Metcalf from Stolen Horse International, a pot luck lunch and Tommy Cope has been asked to speak about driving bits afterwards. PLEASE NOTE: if anyone has an LCD machine???? for Debbie to hook up for her powerpoint presentation OR an HDMI hookup on a big TV would also work. Please let me know, otherwise I don’t know what she will do.
September 19th will be a poker Drive/Ride/Picnic Basket auction. We will have prize $ for the Poker and other prizes. The picnic basket should be lunch for 2, make it pretty enough for some one to want to buy it for their lunch! Money raised will go to the club. If you do not want to bring a basket for the auction, you can just bring your own lunch as usual.
October24th, is our annual Halloween Drive, start thinking about your costumes
November 14th, will be our Fall drive at TLC farm and of course our annual Christmas Party Dec 6th.

Rainbow Bridge

Farewell, Jacket's Classical Blue. Polly’s British riding Pony Stallion. 4/10/2015