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October 2018

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President’s Letter

Wow did October fly by. So many things to do.

Paradox Farm was well represented at TTC event. Nancy, Antonio, Faith and Darcy along with Pat Hauser who all drove. We had fun and the weather was great.

Next month we go to Pats farm for our picnic and drive event on the 17th. Hope to see you all there.

1st Saturday’s

I have added a page to our WWDC website called 1st Saturday's.

Our rules & General Information about our 1st Saturday of the month drives appear here with contact information. When Kathy gives me specific info about what is happening I will post it on this page. NOTE: There will be NO 1st Saturday drive in November.

BOD Meeting

Mad Ceramics October 4, 2018

Faith called the meeting to order 6:30pm  with Faith Bev, Marilyn, Nancy, Polly Jeff & myself in attendance.

We worked on a slate of officers for 2019-2020. Kathy Batchelor is agreeable to running for President and Pat Hauser would like to be a director. Everyone else is willing to remain in their positions. If Kathy is elected Faith would become our “Past President” and Polly would be leaving the board. If anyone else is interested in being on the board, let me know. Unless we have others interested, this is the Slate of officers to be presented:  

President Kathy Batchelor,

Vice President Bev Duval,

Secretary/Treasurer Tricia Hardy.

Permanent Directors Nancy Faller & Tommy Cope (who says he is on sabbatical!)

Directors Jeff Hardy, Woody Woodall, Marilyn Colvin & Pat Hauser

Past President Faith Bradshaw.


We have tentatively picked dates for next year as follows:

Jan 1st 2019 New Year’s Day Hors d’ Oeuvre Drive

Jan 20th 2019 General Meeting at the Sagebrush in Mocksville 2:00pm back room (It has been booked)

February 16th Valentine Drive Faith to host

March 16th Either Tricia or Tommy to host an event Also we are going to try to arrange a FREE Clinic with the money raised at our Silent Auction at the Picnic at Marilyn’s this past July. We would like to do this BEFORE the show season starts.

April 13th Either Tricia or Tommy (which ever works best for Tommy, this month or next)  to host an event (Easter is April 21st)

May 18th Polly will host a Trivia Drive

June 15th our Breakfast Drive

July 20th Picnic at Marilyn & Jays (no horses)

August we might try to go to Blowing Rock again

September & October are open for suggestions

November ? Pat Hauser? Rivertrail Farm

December 1st Christmas Party/Dirty Santa (1st Sunday of the month)

Jan 1st 2020 New Year’s Day Hors d’ Oeuvre Drive

Jan ??? 2020 General Meeting at the Sagebrush in Mocksville 2:00pm Back room.

 I am going to try to add a page to our Web site with all the info about our 1st Saturday Drives that Kathy has been hosting at Paradox

We discussed what to do with the $ earned at the Picnic / Silent Auction. We are going to see if we can arrange for Amy Neary to come for a day or the weekend to do a clinic before the show season starts. This clinic will be FREE to our members. We will set up a schedule of times for each person/group. If you are NOT READY to go at your time slot  the next person/group will move into that time slot. There fore you MUST be READY to GO at your posted time or you will loose it.


First Saturday Play Day

October 6th at Paradox. We had a pretty good turnout for our 1st Saturday od the month Play Day, 7 carriages! Woody & his pair, Michelle Nolty & her mini, Faith & Oreo, Nancy & Natiri, Tricia Jeff & Precious, Bev and Toby and our newest driver Darcy driving Jack! (I understand Darcy has purchased a new driving horse [a Fijord] and is trying to decide what kind of carriage to get now). We also have a great new potential driver in Marilyn Colvin’s Granddaughter Paige. Nancy was giving her a lesson with Jack and it looks like she is going to be a natural! Kathy a new member and a friend of Bev’s, Lisa were there as volunteers for our poker drive. Thank you both and also to Kathy Batchelor for setting up our play day.

PS we did make it to Fork Fire Department’s Chicken BBQ and they were already OUT of the first batch of Chicken by 12:30! (They start selling it at NOON!)

From Kathy on Facebook:

We had a wonderful drive on Saturday it was beautiful weather the trivia questions were cute everyone got a good amount of them correct there by getting there playing cards for the hand although Nancy was the winner and received the iron bottle opener as her grand prize there will be no event in November on the first Saturday but we will start again the following month and continue on this coming season we will be doing a derby league allowing people to have a coaching run in the morning I am competition at noon let us know if you’re interested more for information to come soon

TTC Poker Drive

October 13th

Since I couldn’t make the Poker drive at TTC a little birdie told me Antonio did it AGAIN! He won the best Poker hand and got $100.00. Nancy had the worst hand. I understand we had a pretty good turnout of carriages with Nancy, Antonio, Faith, Darcy, Kathy, Pat Hauser & Pat Granzyk attending.

November 17th.Picnic Basket Auction, Cones & Drive will be held at Pat Hauser’s Rivertrail Farm. I understand Charlotte has really gone all out with her basket! Knowing her it would probably feed ALL of us!!!