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May 2017

Wishing Faith's father, Bill Davis a speedy recovery.



Several of the club members went to the Carolina Carriage Club HDT May 19-21 at Windridge Farm in Mooresboro, NC. Nancy Faller and Cynthia Holbrook took their ponies Cobalt and Pumpkin to compete. They were joined by Faith Bradshaw, Antonio, and Claudia Galup. Woody Woodall also attended and assisted Jose Hernandez who was practicing with his four in hand.
We arrived on Friday and Nancy and Cynthia took advantage of a ‘fix-a-test’ practice. They were able to drive their dressage tests in front of a judge for comments. They were also able to practice thru a cones course in preparation for Saturday. The weather was beautiful Friday and Saturday. Rain came in on Sunday but luckily not during the times Nancy and Cynthia were on course.
Nancy had one of her best dressage tests and successfully navigated thru the cones course and obstacles to finish in 2nd place in the preliminary single pony division! Antonio was the navigator.
Cynthia had a nice dressage test and successfully navigated thru the cones course and obstacles to finish in 1st place in the training single small pony division!
Claudia was the cook and we all ate very well. Delicious food – Thank you Claudia!
Faith provided help with driving outfits and ponies! Thank you Faith!
Whips and Wheels rocked at Windridge and are looking forward to returning again!
Story by Cynthia Holbrook

Next Event:
Breakfast Drive at Paradox

Our next event is June 10th Breakfast Drive at Paradox. Gate open at 6:30am drive/ride and eat afterwards. Will need to co-ordinate food & Cook chefs. Please RSVP to me and I will keep the website updated as to who is bringing what.
• Jeff & I: all the paper products, Coffee pot and fixin's & a grill to cook on.

• Cynthia Holbrook: Sausage Rolls

• Bev Duval: Fresh Fruit & OJ

• Faith Bradshaw: Bacon

• Marilyn Colvin: Eggs

• Polly Hixson: Coffee Cake

From Bev:
If anyone needs hay and can pick up in field David Ward 336-414-9317 in Davie County near Fork and Bixby has orchard mix, clean & fertilized for $2.50 bale in the field. He will also sell out of the barn but price will change.