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April 2016

Head Whip’s Corner

Finally rain!  This year is going so fast here we are in May. April saw the club at Woody's for a clinic with Amy Cleary. I took Casper who did well because Antonio put him through his paces as I am not sure I would survive a long distance fall just yet. Everyone had fun.  

May 14th hopefully we will be at Paradox Farm to play some games and drive.

 Condolences to Faith Bradshaw who just lost Ellie, her “White” wedding horse, to colic.

My apologies for this newsletter being late.

We were on a cruise and did not return until Sunday. Since I could not attend the Amy Neary Clinic and no one has sent me a story I have nothing to report. Maybe there will be something in the next newsletter. I had to get this out so you would know what is in the works for our May event at Paradox, see page 2.

BOD Meeting

Mad Ceramics 4/8/2016

Meeting began 6:07 pm with Faith, Polly, Woody, Nancy, Jeff, Bev, Cindy & I present,

Treasurer’s report:

 $1650.02 in checking -$40.31 for Board meeting pizzas. Balance of $1609.71

Thank you cards for flowers (Faith loss of her Mother & Cindy’s accident)  were passed around.  A card was sent to Marilyn for a speedy recovery from her hip surgery.

We discussed upcoming events and picked dome dates as follows:

May 14th at Paradox, Nancy & Faith to host

June 4th Breakfast Drive at Paradox. Gates open at 6:30 am drive/ride and eat afterwards. Faith will talk to Tommy & Jim about being our chefs and I will post what people are bringing.

July 16th annual Picnic at Ellis Park. Frisbee golf and horseshoe games

August 19-20 OR 26-27? Still waiting to hear when the Mule club is going to Blowing Rock so we can join them either as a day ride or overnight. Blowing Rock Stable now has 400 stalls.

September 17th Picnic Basket Auction and Trivia Drive at Paradox Polly to run the Trivia Drive, Faith the auction.

October 29th Halloween at Paradox.  Costumes optional!

November Fall Event is still open

December 3rd  (first Sunday) Christmas Party/Dirty Santa at Paradox.

January 1st 2017 Second Annual Dessert Drive at Paradox

January General Meeting Date to be decided closer to the time.

Woody will be at some pulling contests with his 2 new horses and would love a cheering squad. July 2nd in Denton at the Farm Park Thresher’s Reunion and again at Love Valley in Statesville September 3rd.Information to come as I receive it.

We will still do some spur of the minute drive/rides where I will let the membership know Faith & I want to drive or ride and anyone is welcome to join us.

Faith talked about checking out some new places. Ann Springs Greenway and Anita-Alta Horse camp. Woody is going to look into driving at the Biltmore House.

Faith has been trying to get something set up with the TREK people but has not had much success.  Since Nancy wants to be the west coat place for TREK’s she is going to work on getting something set up even if it is just a sample of what TREK is about.

Woody talked about getting a group together for next years Queen Cup Steeple Chase. It’s to late this year since it is April 30th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:19pm

May 14th Event

Paradox Farm: Practice ADT with Hazards, Cones and a Game.  Derby Day Hat Contest, 1st & 2nd place prizes, supplied by Cindy Dalton.  Gates open at 9:00. Bring your own Lunch & Chairs.