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September 2017

President’s Letter

Thanks to everybody who took the time to make all the fabulous picnic baskets. It was a great hit again this year raising over $300. Great job everybody.

Nancy Antonio and myself went to the Timberland CT and HCT. We did well and have fun but boy was it hot. Nancy got 2nd in her class, Antonio got 2nd and I was 4th in training. I hope we have some people turn out for our Derby but if not we will still have fun.

Picnic Basket Auction & Drive

Sept 9th, 2017

We all had thoughts/prayers for all those suffering from hurricane Harvey in Texas & now Irma in Florida & the Caribbean. We should be getting some of that weather on Monday and Tuesday ourselves, but we had a perfect day to drive today. Nancy, Tommy, Pat Hauser, Claudia & Jeff & I drove a timed course set up by Faith. Tommy had the closest time to what Faith drove the day before. We went out and drove again before coming back to hold our Picnic Basket Auction. Pat let Nancy get a feel for driving his pair, since she is working on putting Natiri & Cobalt together as a team.

 We had fewer baskets than last year but raised more money, especially after Charlotte showed up after the auction and we were finished eating our winnings! We ended up auctioning off each item in her basket individually and raised another $125.00! We raised a total of $320.00 on the Basket Auction ($20.00 more than last year)

Thank you, Nancy for the generous use of your farm and to Faith for hosting this event.

Our Driving Derby is Sept 30-Oct 1st is our October Event

Tommy & Pat Hauser are working out details for a November 11th Event.