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March 2016


Faith’s newest horse, Bella, had to be put down.


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“4 Wheel  Drive Muddin it!”

Sunday, 3/6/2016

Muddin It  Muddin it 2
I don’t think so! Antonio Diaz is my hero, my knight in shining orange armor!

Jeff and I were at Paradox Sunday 3/6/2016 laying out the trail for our March Madness Practice event for Saturday 3/19/2016. We had marked out the first km and were working on the 2nd km. We went down into some low areas, BIG MISTAKE! Not only were the turns VERY tight for our 4 wheel drive truck, it was VERY MUDDY! Needless to say, we were VERY STUCK! The back wheels were burrowed in at least 14” of very sloppy wet MUD! Antonio came to the rescue with the tractor, but even so, it took almost 2 hours to pull us out of 2 muddy areas and up onto dryer ground. We finally managed to get the trail laid out, AVOIDING the muddy areas!

Antonio I don’t know how to thank you enough for rescuing us today!


Wishing Cindy Dalton, WWDC Board Member, a very speedy recovery.

I don’t have all the details but I was told she stumbled and broke both wrists, her scapula and has bone fragments in her knee (that previously had a knee replacement).

Hi Tricia- I received some beautiful flowers today from the club. I normally hand write my "thank you" notes, but I'm a little tied up right now.

 I have broken both wrists, fx scapula and left knee bone fragments in knee that had a total replacement. From reports, I might have to have surg on rt wrist and revision to Lt knee replacement. At this point, I am really afraid to walk outside of the house.

These blooming cast are driving me crazy. I will keep both casts on for 3 weeks and then the surgeons will decide if I need surgery or cast for a longer period. I also have broken bones around left knee where I had total knee replacement. I will probably have to have that redone also. With that being said, I think that I might have to reschedule the clubs drive for up here at the farm. I am so mad at myself for falling. I have just messed up everything. Sorry....please tell everyone thank you for me.  Cindy Dalton

PS. Nancy has agreed to host Cindy’s May 14th event at Paradox.

UPDATE on Cindy 3/26: As per Bev, Cindy’s orthopedic Dr said she does not have broken wrists; scapula or bone chips in her knees. Guess it was hard to read the X-rays with all the swelling. It turns out Cindy is allergic to the knee replacement she had previously to this fall and there is infection around the knee replacement. Cindy we are all thinking about you and wishing you well.


Another member Marilyn Colvin is having Hip Replacement surgery March 30th.

March Madness Practice Day

Saturday March 19th  changed to March 26th

We postponed the practice day from the 19th to the 25th due to rain and COLD. I was really hoping the rain would hold off until the afternoon, but no such luck! Today turned out a much better day, cloudy and moderate temps for all those critters who are out of shape! We had 10 drivers and 2 riders.

Not sure if it was because I got to drive while hosting this event or not, but everyone seemed to have a good time doing their own thing whether it was playing in the obstacles or driving the 4km trail or just plain driving or riding. Even going back to pick up the arrows and km markers was fun in the “mule”. Nancy, thank you for the use of your property to host this event, and thank you, to all who came out to “play”.

NOTE to Nancy: We will try not to get our truck “stuck” again the next time I host an event at the farm!