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April 2017

President’s Letter

Last weekend we went to Sport of Horses in Snow Camp. I would like to thank everyone who attended and made the learning experience for would be drivers very informative, fun and enjoyable. We were cooked a fabulous breakfast by Todd. Also our purple shirts were a big hit as several people commented on them at the CDE and Sport of Horses events.

A big Thank you to Penny Godby for getting our shirts to us on time.

If you are planning to go to Woody’s event in May please call and let him know.

Several of us are going to the HDT and CT at Windridge May 19th. We really appreciated the cheering squad for the last CDE.

A little Birdie told me….

A little birdie told me you won GRAND CHAMPION training level at the CDE in Raeford this weekend! Congratulations Cynthia. I also heard you that you had a really good dressage score on Friday too. If that is the case, are you going to Snow Camp on Saturday? Would you want to drive your test for the demo instead of me? I haven't practiced it but once at least a week ago. I was going to "Dress" for the occasion and Nancy was going to call the moves for the spectators.

Bad little birdie!  Hehe from Cynthia Holbrook

Thanks Trish…we won best overall training pony and won our training single pony class.  I’m happy to drive that dressage test if you want me to.  I am planning to go Saturday…Faith was thinking we’d have good representation with my mini, Nancy’s pony, your horse and she thought Woody was bringing his pair of giants.  But I can do whatever you need for me to do.
Faith did very well.  Unfortunately she forgot to salute before starting her cones course so that was charged as elimination.

Nancy did very well…finished 8 out of 11/12 in her class.
Woody did well…even though he had equipment problems and was carefully watched by officials the entire weekend.  His pair made it thru the weekend though they weren’t in the best shape they needed to be for fitness.  But good for him to finish 2nd in a class of two.

We all had lots of fun.  Thanks for coming on Saturday!! 

Sport of Horses Breakfast Social April 22.

It was dark, early morning 6:00 am, it was sunny, then foggy, then raining, then cloudy, then a bit drizzly, BUT the sun finally came out after arriving at the sport of Horses Park. Jeff & I set up the cones course while Todd & his wife set up the breakfast buffet. The cheesy hash browns were a really big hit with everyone. We also had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, orange juice, Mimosas and if we wanted Kalua for our coffee.

After breakfast we hitched up to do our demos with Faith explaining the hitching process as the watched Nancy & Antonio hitch Cobalt. Cynthia drove her winning dressage test with Pumpkin. We then did a few practice runs of the cones before Faith made the spectators “walk” our cones course then she timed us doing it. Nancy Antonio & Cobalt won the cones course with Cynthia & Pumpkin 2nd; Jeff Precious & I were 3rd and Woody, Charlotte, Sheba & Jaden 4th. I’m not sure how Woody managed the REALLY TIGHT turns with his pair when Precious had a lot of fun making those turns! Afterwards we drove the course with spectators to give them a feel for driving a cones course, and then we took them out on the trail for short rides.

From Heather Erickson
on our Whips & Wheels Facebook page

 Thank you whips and wheels for your awesome driving demonstration, everyone had fantastic time learning all about driving, look for an album of pictures to be on Sport of Horses Park page with lots of photos in the next 48 hours.


May 6th Stamey Farm Derby Day Contact Woody for more information/RSVP

 Woody Woodall 704-883-6390

Need RSVP for who wants to participate. Gates open at 4pm we will do a parade walk and make 2 run each around 530. Watch the Ky derby race after. Address is 2538 Newton road Statesville.