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November 2015



Our deepest sympathies go out to Faith Bradshaw and her Father, Bill on the passing of Wendy her Mother, Bill’s Wife. January 30, 2016 at 8:00am.


With a VERY chilling morning and a lot of frost on the pumpkins, we had 17 brave people and 6 horses show up for our First Annual New Year’s Day Dessert Drive. Nancy and Faith had bags of goodies scattered out on the trail for us to find. We didn’t know how many bags to find or where they were since we were told to just go out and drive or ride, but be back in ONE Hour or we would be penalized for every minute we were late getting back. 1st place went to Jeff, Jackie, Precious and I who found 8 items out of 9. 2nd went to Jessie, Aryn and Ben Smid who found 7. Jessie riding Prince and Ben driving Blaze with Aryn as navigator. 4th went to Woody and Charlotte who found 3 items, driving Mark and Mike. Bev just had fun tooling around with Moe. We had a very large assortment of desserts to minch on while Faith figured up the results of our scavenger hunt.
Afterwards Faith held a short meeting. She thinks we should make this drive an annual thing for New Year’s day since most of us don’t go out and party.
She asked each of us what each of us would like to see the club do this year. The consensus seems to be Cones and Cross Country, but we also would like to see clinicians and maybe some dressage, which, ties into the TREC where precision, and control is more important than speed. (We all could use this and learning how to pace our gaits.)
Woody talked about “pulling contests” which he is starting to get into with Mike and Mark. He is going to let us know when he is going to compete so we can come out and cheer him on!
We also talked about having more WWDC shirts, hats, sweatshirts made by Penny Godbey. It would be nice if we were attending an outside event if we all wore something with our logo on it. Penny will bring more info to our General meeting on January 24th.
Faith had to move her February Chili Cook off/Drive from the 20th to the 13th, Nancy will be out of town on the 20th. PLEASE RSVP to Faith if you plan to be a Chili Chef contestant. (she needs to figure prizes)

Dues are due, If you have a 15 on your e-mail or Snail Mail address, it is time to renew!

Welcome New Members:
Bonnie & Mike, Ben, Jessie & Aryn Smid
388 Todd Road
Advance NV 27006

Kathleen & JC Dill
7241 Crowflight Rd
Liberty, NC 27298

Rita Sr & Rita Jr Lewandowski
5202 Golden Acres Rd
Oak Ridge, NC 27310
336-688-8119 OR 336-307-1591

Bobbette Hyde
3608 Cherry Laurel Ct
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

CHANGES to the membership list passed out at the General Meeting 1/31/2016
Delete Bev Duval’s Pager # and Penny Godbey’s work # has changed to 704-639-7574

Congratulations Woody on your new “pulling” pair Mark and Mike. I hope that we can come support you at some of your pulling contests.


January 31, 2016 @ the Sagebrush in Mocksville 207pm
In attendance were:
Tricia & Jeff Hardy, Tony & Cindy Dalton, Linda Ward, Bev Duval, Woody Woodall, Rita Sr & Jr Lewandowski (new Members) Polly Hixson, Bobbette Hyde (new Member), Marilyn Colvin, Jim & Penny Godbey, Chris Peckham and Nancy Faller.
Treasurer Report
Beginning balance $1,705.63
End of Year 12/30/2015 Balance $1794.35

2016 events discussed

January 3rd 2016 1st Annual Dessert Drive at Paradox

February 13th Chili Cook off & “Tea Towel” Event If you are planning to make Chili PLEASE RSVP to Faith so she can figure awards ALSO to know about parking at the barns, if we don’t have a large turnout with horses. If it looks like more than 4 or 5 are bringing horses we will have to park in the back instead of up near the barns. If it rains, the drive is off BUT the Chili Cook-off will still happen in the log cabin.

March 19th Tricia will host at TLC Farm

April (Need to pick date) Woody Woodall & Chris Pecham will host an event either April 9th OR 23rd. More info to come as I receive it

May 14th Cindy Dalton picked May 14th to host an event at her farm, again more info as I get it.
HERO Show at TTC May 21st
Mule days at Leatherwood May 5-8th
(CCC HDT May 1st weekend???)

June (Need to pick date, Nancy will pick a date) (Rain date?) Breakfast Drive. Tommy will be our chef (we hope) and we will all need to bring Breakfast Stuff. Drive on the farm after breakfast

July 16th Picnic at Ellis Park. Faith & I will plan. Same shelter behind the Ellis Park Rec Center (we usually hold a Frisbee Golf Tournament before lunch)

August (Need to pick date) Date is OPEN need someone to step up and plan an event
September (Need to pick date, Nancy will let me know) Picnic Basket Drive at Paradox
(CCC Pleasure Show the 30-1?)

October Halloween (Need to pick date with Nancy)

November Fall Event, (Need to pick date with Tommy) Tommy & Karen to host at TLC?

December 3rd, 2016 Christmas Party, (first Sunday) at Paradox

January ? 2017 General Meeting at Sagebrush

January 1st 2017 2nd Annual Dessert Drive at Paradox


Chili should be in crock-pots if you have them, Bring serving utensils & Condiments you want to go with your Chili
Will give tickets out to vote for best chili. Cook-off will happen rain or shine.


To be eligible for End of Year Prizes, YOU are responsible to make sure you have filled out your entry form or signed the sign in sheet. Have a tally board at July Picnic?
Possible End of Yr prizes ???
Driver of the year
Navigator of the year
Rider of the year
Passenger/Attended/Spectator of the year
Youth of the year
Volunteer of the year
Horse of the year

Bev has agreed to take over handling the Club’s Insurance. Letting them know if we cancel or add events etc, I will still handle the bill paying. This year’s bill has arrived ($500.00)

Possible Events for this year?
August Dinner Cruise on Lake Norman
Barn Dinner Theater
Canoeing on the Dan River or at the lake in Hanging Rock State Park

Member of the Year Award: Nancy Faller is the winner of the Member of the Year award, but Faith will have to get it to her later since she was unable to attend the meeting.

Apparel with our Logo: Penny Godbey had samples of our logo stitched on hats, insulated lunch bags and sweatshirts, which sold like hotcakes! She will take orders, call her at 704-278-9112 or e-mail her pcgodbey@bellsouth.net
NOTE: it would be nice if when we all go to an outside event like Woody’s pulling contests to all have shirts, hats or whatever with our club logo. It was mentioned to “Come in Clothes”! I’m sure this person meant we should wear our stuff with logos on it

Meeting adjourned at 2:35