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MAY 2016

Head Whip’s Corner

Hopefully everyone who was making hay got it cut and baled before the rain. The rain we are having now will make the second cut of hay.

Next Saturday is our Breakfast Drive. Please let Tricia know what you are bringing to our feast.

With summer around the corner I am looking forward to more driving and riding. Please let Tricia or myself if you would like to be on the call/email list for impromptu get- to-gathers.

See you next Saturday at Paradox.

Amy Neary Clinic April 23-24

"The Amy Neary Clinic that was hosted by Woody and Charlotte Woodall on April 23 and 24 was a complete success. The weather was perfect for each day. Attendees were Nancy Faller, Antonio Diaz, Woody and Charlotte Woodall, and Chris Peckham, and Faith Bradshaw. The turnout of attendees was a little light, but all took advantage of the knowledge from Amy Neary and her experience with hazards whether it is on a trail, competition or just out schooling your horse. There was a challenging cones course that had 13 gates. Each horse and driver were challenged, from the big (Jaden and Woody) to the smallest (Chris and Cheyenne), Nancy with Cobalt and Antonio with Rose (Claudia's mount). We had a hazard of plastic barrels with PVC pipes around with another barrel in the middle. Amy also did some flat work with Faith and Antonio and her horse Casper. Charlotte rode her OTTB and was pure elegance.

 Amy inspected everyone's horse, harness and carriage before we started, as it is important to make sure that all equipment and horse are sound and safe for everyone before getting to work. Amy also address on how important it is to condition your horse slowly and to build up proper muscles that are required for the task that you are asking for. Amy also touched on how to ask the horse for more collection if you are just schooling or enjoying a trail ride. Amy schooled each clinician individually on the best way to go through the cones or hazards, how to make each turn to "shave off" a few extra seconds to help in keeping your times down if you are in a competition. 

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local Italian restaurant on Saturday evening with the conversation all geared towards horses and competitions. If you are lucky enough to attend a clinic by Amy Neary I highly recommend her. It was a wonderful experience, this if the fourth time that I have attended a clinic with Amy, I learn something new each time that helps establish a better relationship with my horse.  

Story by Chris Peckham (Thank you Chris)

May 14th Event

Paradox Farm: Practice ADT with Hazards, Cones and a Game. Derby Day Hat Contest, 1st, 2nd  & 3rd place prizes, supplied by Cindy Dalton, Thank You Cindy. Cindy was the judge (at lunchtime).

There were 6 drivers in attendance. We started the day with 2 hazards, which everyone got to run twice, then went on to the cones course. After the cones course, Faith had another game for us involving hats and numbers, which everyone seemed to think was a hoot!   

Nancy & Cobalt were 1st in both hazards, Polly & Star 2nd and Tommy & Andy 3rd. In the cones again Nancy 1st, Chris & Cheyenne 2nd and Tommy 3rd.

The hat game had Tommy placing 1st, with Austina gathering the hats.

The Derby Hat contest results were as follows: Tricia 1st with the most “Ostentatious” hat, Faith 2nd  the most Beautiful. Bobbette 3rd  the Most Whimsical.

Other entries: Our Judge Cindy and the Jamaica Hat Man Jeff, Pat and Jean, Austina and Nancy. Last but not lost? Polly

Breakfast Drive June 4th

RSVP’s/Foods people are bringing as of 5/31

 Tricia & Jeff: All paper products, Coffee & fixins, grill/griddle & toaster generator.

Bev Duval: Juice & Muffins

Marilyn Colvin: Bacon

Shelly Hethcoat: Breakfast Casserole with eggs, cheese & veggies

Tiffany Ehnes: French toast, syrup & butter

The Smids: fruit and beef links