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August 2015


Where did this month go??? The Beat the heat talk was well attended and was very interesting and informative . The food was great as usual.
Nancy, Antonio and myself are going to do the Trec clinic with Tricia, Pat and several other members going to audit onSeptember 19th. I am hoping this will be a new driving event for all of us to participate in.. It sounds really fun. If you want to audit there might be some room in the vehicles that are going. Please let me know and I will see what we can come up with.
Don't forget the Poker drive and Picnic basket auction on September 12.(See web page)
Hope to see you all soon.


August 22, 2015 Debbie Metcalf and her husband Harold came to speak to us about Stolen Horse International / Net posse
Debbie & Harold are pioneers & experts (17 years) on recovering stolen/lost horses. She talked about trials and tribulations they went through trying to recover their stolen horse Idaho (stolen in 1997 and recovered 51 weeks later). They learned what works and doesn’t work when trying to recover a horse. No horse or farm is immune to theft or disasters. Horses can create their own disasters on their own farm or if they get out. She had some pretty strange pictures of horses caught in predicaments!
The most important thing to remember is to have REAL proof the horse belongs to you! Things like being micro chipped and or branded and registered in the appropriate registries, recent pictures (especially of distinctive markings) coggins, bill of sale, health certificate, Vet records, farrier bills, and contracts will all help to prove the horse is yours. You should make copies of the above and seal and mail it to yourself, do not open it. This can be used as a chain of evidence to prove the horse is yours. She talked about scanners and frequencies for the micro chips. She recommends if you purchase a micro chip to get the 125 frequency since all scanners can read them, not all can read the 134 frequency. Make sure you put the chip in the left side of the neck half way between the poll and withers, since this is where anyone with a scanner should be looking for a chip.
The seminar was very informative, and a bit scary to think of all the ways things can go wrong when a horse comes up missing. Thank you Debbie and Harold. The Club made a donation to S.H.I.
After the seminar we had a pot luck lunch the Tommy talked about bits. There were LOTS of questions for him too.
Thank you Nancy for the use of your log cabin and big screen TV.

As of Monday 8/24/2015 we have a balance of $1299.87.
$130.00 on Event fees
$44.58 on web hosting
$49.00 Stamps roll of 100
$100.00 Donation Stolen Horse International

It was mentioned at the beat the heat seminar, that we have a lot of single drivers/riders versus couples, do the singles need to make their picnic basket for 2 people or one? We decided maybe it's best to do single baskets for the most part. I will still do a double since we do have at least 3 couples who attend events. For more info:

Welcome New Members:
Rhapsody Rhodes
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